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    Our Philosophy – There is a
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    Our Story – A Classic Tale of
    Concierge Tailoring

About Happy

Ever wondered who looks good in a suit? A person who has found their perfect suit. Happy the Tailor will help you find that suit Happy the Tailor is a master of custom-tailor clothing offering his concierge services to men who understand the importance of bespoke fitting and stitching. Happy travels all across the US as well as to Europe to help his style-savvy yet cost-conscious customers get their made-to-measure suits stitched to perfection. We create a custom suit fit for a King at a price practical and feasible for everyone. Still using the old fashioned methods of measuring, drafting, and hand-stitching, Happy the Tailor is all about keeping up the traditional class and quality of the trade.

How it works

Happy the Tailor has evolved and grown tremendously over the years. From a small shop in Vietnam to the latest office in NY, we have come a long way. However, our work process remains largely the same. I still personally visit my customers and overlook the whole process to ensure quality and value for you. The new location has just made it even more convenient for me to travel to places where I have more customers.
There are three or four cities I visit on a regular basis. My regular customers are pre-informed regarding the visits to make sure they are able to schedule the meeting as per their convenience. I also get invitations from other cities, which I try my best to visit at least once a year. Here is how the process works.

Upcoming Events

“Let us know your city, we will visit you!”